Bamboo fiber in a natural textile fiber developed by Peking University. It is considered as one of the best alternative in terms of organic fibers, as it is sustainable, environmentally friendly and shares some properties with cotton and even adds exceptional characteristics and qualities.

It is extracted 100% from the pulp of the bamboo cane, comes from crops with short renewable cycles so it would be a fiber with a high ecological value. In addition, its antimicrobial characteristics do not need the use of pesticides in its agricultural management. “Kun of bamboo”, this is called the substance that makes bamboo a fabric Nothing desired by bacteria and fungi.

One hectare of bamboo produces 10 times more fiber than a hectare of cotton and needs less water. The bark of this plant has a high content of silicon, which gives it
Interesting properties of resistance to fire.


A high-quality product made of bamboo fiber, light and adaptable to any space giving life and originality. Its base color is white and can be customized with any wall paint using paintbrush, sponge or spray gun. In addition, they are sound insulation, non-combustible and resistant to splash.

The 3D BoardArt are decorative panels of easy and quick installation on walls or ceilings to change any space and make it really cozy, dynamic, modern and attractive. It also has advantages for being ecofriendly, customizable and insulating.

3D BoardArt combine state-of-the-art technology to create a cleaner product, made from bamboo fiber, resulting in a nice textured panel with a very strong texture.


The 3D BoardArt comes in white so you can customize them as you want and use them to decorate your home, business or office. They are water resistant, non-combustible, isolate the sound and are ultra-light. They come in boxes containing 3m2 and a weight of 4kgs each box, with sizes of sheets from 30x30cms, 50x50cms, 62.5x80cms and de1x1mts depending on the model.

They are cut easily with any type of blade or hand saw. Each panel weighs less than 300 grams, can be glued with silicone or glue, on walls, ceilings or glasses. 3D BoardArt helps you give life to your spaces in an ecological and very creative way. ​